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AAA Venus Hotel Supply Company Information
Consitutional Right to Freedom of Speech

We purchased 12 of the Private Label CD Player Clock Radios, supposedly designed for hotel use.
These ONE DAY alarm clock radios appeared perfect for our 5 star spa resort.


Then, within days, one after another began failing.
We called the company at least 8 times. We have sent emails, letters faxes and legal demands.

Mr. Neil Patel
Authorized Officer
AAA Venus / Neilmax

This office represents Stevenswood Hospitality Group, LLC, doing
business as Stevenswood Spa Resort, in Mendocino, California.

Allow this letter to serve as notice of our intent to initiate
litigation against Neilmax, trading as AAA Venus, also known as Venus
Industries, Inc., with a website advertised as, with
principal offices located at 37 Cinder Road, Edison, New Jersey, with
additional addresses located in our research of 255 Terminal Ave.,
Clark, New Jersey.

A comprehensive search of the Secretary of State of New Jersey shows the
corporation listed as "Venus Industries, Inc." being dissolved in 1988.

Our client has informed us of numerous manufacturing defects and design
flaws dominant in the product line ordered in two cases in 2006.

These devices were sold as high quality CD/Alarm Clock/Radios and bear
the Neilmax nameplate on the front. They are identified by model #
MS-03 on the label affixed.

Be advised, that our client has made numerous attempts with your offices
to resolve this problem.

Despite these repeated attempts at an amicable resolution your firm has
been neglectful by refusing to respond to these communications.

Consider this letter a demand for reimbursement of $ 1345.00 in costs for
the merchandise.

Failure to respond to this demand will leave us no choice but to seek
relief through the court of appropriate jurisdiction, California
Superior Court, Ukiah, California.

Be advised that legal fees and lost revenues from this transaction total
well over $ 3,000.00 to date, and your failure to respond favorably will
cause these costs to continue to accrue.

Your failure to respond to multiple requests by our client for warranty
on your defective merchandise is in breach of both New Jersey and
California Business Code, California State of Fair Business Practices,
Consumer Protection Agency regulations, and the Federal Trade Commission

Your reckless trade practices with zero concern for the wellbeing and
business success of your clients is shameful and at the very least cause
for tort action on the basis of neglect.

The damages to our client's goodwill, reputation and book of accounts is
immeasureable, but rest assured that these calculations will total well
into the $ 400,000 and up, category for cause of action.

Punitive damages can be awarded in cases such as this, which can easily
cause these figures to pale in comparison

You should be careful!